Multifocal Contacts for Presbyopia
Multifocal soft contact lenses are used to correct presbyopia, so it is really important to us that we understand your needs, lifestyle, and expectations so we can determine the right fit for you.   They should fit comfortably right away if we do our job correctly, though these are often the hardest contacts to fit.

It is very important for your comfort to have the correct fit when wearing contact lenses.   We are dedicated to measuring your eye correctly so that you can have the correct fit right away.   We always try to send home a trial pair to ensure the correct prescription and fit before ordering more contact lenses.  

Different Types of Toric Contact Lenses
Toric Lenses are designed specifically for an astigmatism.   They are made for both hard and soft contact lenses, which has been helpful for many people that have an astigmatism but have difficulty wearing hard lenses.   Toric Lenses are the preferred contact lenses for people with an astigmatism.